Meet our partners in the wellness community who are committed to

providing high quality services for your optimum health.

Birgit Witherspoon, MS, HHC 
Founder & Owner of B Balanced Nutrition / 619-379-1276

Birgit will help you optimize your nutrition plan and find the foods that are specific in helping your body thrive based on your blood type and food sensitivities.  She will perform muscle testing on the foods that tend to harm the body causing fatigue, aches & pains, poor digestion and more.  Know the foods that help you thrive!

Jaylin Knight, Personal Trainer

Owner of Bootique Fitness


Jaylin and her amazing group of personal trainers offer outdoor boot camps around Mission Bay, Mission Valley, La Jolla & Hillcrest.  She also provides 1 on 1 personal training sessions and teaches a fun Dance Party Fitness class 4 days a week within her Metro Dance location off Mission Gorge Rd.


Kathleen Lisson, CMT, CLT

Board Certified Massage Therapist & Lymphadema Therapist / 619-880-6538

Kathleen Lisson offers lymphatic massage and lymphatic cupping to reduce swelling after plastic surgery, and for lymphedema and lipedema.  She also provides Pre-surgical relaxation techniques and Metastatic Cancer-Aware Massage.

Dr. Kris Brew, Chiropractor

Owner of Vitality Chiropractic / 619-299-9722

Specializing in women's health, pregnancy care and pediatrics, Dr. Brew is committed to providing gentle and effective chiropractic care for the whole family.  As a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and California Chiropractic Association, she is committed to a lifetime of learning through ongoing studies.  Dr. Brew’s lifelong mission is to educate her community on the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle that incorporates chiropractic care, as well as inspire & motivate others to achieve their personal health goals.

Jill Reimer, C.M.T

Board certified Massage Therapist, Specializing in sports therapy 480-455-2702

When pain and discomfort exist, physical and mental performance may suffer. Whether you are training for that next race, recovering from an injury, working in an environment that leads to poor posture, or simply lead an active lifestyle, facilitating awareness is essential for correction. Each individual requires a customized strategy for specific objectives to obtain relief.

Danielle Odgers, Reiki Practitioner & Certified Massage Therapist / 530-569-0504

Danielle’s passion is in activating and educating her clients about the body’s innate healing capabilities through touch and energy healing.  Reiki is an energy healing technique that will activate the body’s innate healing abilities to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Michelle Bowen, Photographer, Holistic Healer

Owner of Michelle Bowen Photography / 858-255-9925

San Diego photographer specializing in lifestyle, portrait and wellness photography. 

What is wellness photography? It is anything that depicts a healthy and vibrant way of life. Recently I have been working within the yoga industry but am excited to expand into other facets of health and wellness.  I believe in true essence. Beauty not only seen on the outside but brought forth from the inside.  An image is a reflection of reality.  My mission is to show this reality in its truest form. Using mainly nature's light as my source; my photos will depict you.... organic and authentic.  I love pausing these moments of authenticity so your inner and outer beauty can always shine!

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