Cupping is a healing modality that has been used throughout may cultures over many years. It is a suction technique that helps to drawn toxin build-up up to the surface of the skin. It also helps to release tension & spasms deep in the muscles. Tension in the body causes circulation to slow down and there is less oxygen and nutrients getting to the muscles and tissues to keep them nourished. This toxin build up is actually carbon dioxide build-up (acid) that gets blocked and held in the muscles and tissues. Over time this energy blockage and build-up of acid will lead to pain and inflammation. Cupping is not only helping to bring these toxins to the surface so the body can more easily eliminate them, but it is also pulling fresh oxygenated blood into the muscles and tissues to help the healing process.

The cupping sensation can be a bit painful for the first sixty seconds, the time during which most of the toxins are removed. As you breath and allow your body to relax that initial intensity will begin to subside. Make sure to keep the are covered for the next 48 hours and drink extra water. Within the next day or two you should notice increased range of motion and a relief of pain or tension.

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