Acupuncture and Women's Menstrual Health

Did you know that acupuncture and Chinese herbs are beneficial in the treatment of gynecological issues and maintaining hormone balance?

A woman’s menses is a natural, cyclic part of her life. Every month for about 40 years her body has the opportunity to create new life. When she is in tune her body, her needs and self-care a woman’s menses can be a very easy transition each month, with a regular healthy blood flow if there is no conception. Although, these days our lives tend to be filled with numerous activities, work responsibilities, house hold chores, family care and more. Our needs and self-care get put on the back burner much of the time, allowing stress to build up slowly over months and years. Stress can wreak havoc on our hormone balance. It will also affect our ability to get quality sleep, have clarity of mind, will create tension in the muscles, upset digestion, affect our mood and lead to more aggravating physical symptoms during our menstrual cycle.

When we get overwhelmed with work and life our personal self-care takes second, third or fourth place to other responsibilities, then we become out of balance within our bodies. This imbalance can lead to menstrual issues such as irregular periods, dysmenorrhea (painful cramping before and/or during menstruation), amenorrhea (lack of periods), menstrual migraines, indigestion (gas and bloating), more pronounced fatigue, and in more serious cases it can contribute to issues like infertility, cysts, fibroids, and endometriosis.

I have worked with hundreds of women over the past 20 years using acupuncture and Chinese herbs in helping them to achieve healthy menstrual cycles, conceive healthy & happy babies, bring balance within their natural monthly cycles and ultimately creating more joy within themselves and their body. As women we take on many roles, of mother, daughter, girlfriend, wife, boss, caregiver, aide, teacher, cook, maid, chauffer and friend. We are born nurturers and givers, and with that gift we sometimes forget to receive. We forget that if we are not making our well-being a priority (physically, mentally & emotionally) then over time we will become out of balance and our health will suffer. This will also hugely affect the quality of care we are able to give to our friends, co-workers and loved ones.

Take a moment to check-in with your body:

Where do you feel tension or pain?

(How often do you notice it, daily weekly, once a month?)

What is your monthly menstrual cycle like?

(Do you need medication to get through the first few days or full week? Do your moods change drastically? Are they regular and manageable?)

How is your energy and moods?

(Do you find that you are exhausted mid-day or more fatigued during your week of menstruation? Do you easily get irritable, cranky, snappy over small matters? Are you happy?)

What is your self-care routine? Do you have any type of self-care routine? (Exercise, meditation, acupuncture, massage, creative hobbies, quiet time to yourself, etc.)

I encourage you to create a health plan that focuses on making your well-being a priority and maintaining a healthy mind and body that is in balance and continually thriving.

I am offering a FREE 30 minute consultation for all new patients during the month of October, including a $50 discount when you schedule your initial acupuncture treatment.

I’m looking forward to working with you and being a part of your wellness team!

~ Nicole

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