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Nicole Stone, licensed acupuncturist smiling and sitting in a chair

About Nicole Stone, MS, LAc

My journey into holistic medicine began at the age of 19 when I met my first mentor.  He taught me different forms of martial arts and qi gong and showed me the power of using my own energy, qi (pronounced chee) to strengthen, balance and heal the body.  Through meditation and mindful intention I learned how to calm the mind and let go of pain.  And with nutrition and herbs I experienced the great benefits of using food as medicine.  I am grateful for the healing journey that set me on a path toward acupuncture and all the knowledge I get to pass on to you.

​After decades of working with multiple mentors, coaches and healers I know first hand the benefits of self-care.  Sometimes the best healing is to simply go for a hike, stick your feet in the ocean, dance around the house or laugh with friends.

​I look forward to sharing my years of personal experience and education to help you along your journey to great health.

Nicole received her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California in 2000. 

Nicole Stone leaning against a giant sequoia tree in Calaveras National Park
Logo of a colorful hummingbird and Journeys of the joyful heart

Nicole is also co-founder of Journeys of the Joyful Heart.  A company her and her business partner

Birgit Witherspoon, MS, HHC began in 2019 to offer online courses and in-person workshops for women.  

After spending a combined 35 years working one-on-one with women and listening to their needs,

wants, dreams and goals they came together to create this wonderful resource.

An opportunity for personal growth way beyond just acupuncture and nutrition.

She invites you to visit Journeys of the Joyful Heart and check out the many programs and classes

that are offered throughout the year.  Our lives are always changing and we are on a continuous journey to learn, grow and expand.  Nicole and Birgit are excited to walk this path with you and share the knowledge they have gathered as they have gone through their own personal journeys.

With much Joy & Love!


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