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Women's Health

My interest in gynecology and fertility developed from my own healing journeys I had to work through.  As a teen I struggled through extraordinary painful periods month after month for almost six years.  Once I was led onto the path of acupuncture, herbs and nutrition I was amazed at how they cleared up within four months and I finally had monthly cycles that were smooth, easy and predictable.  What a feeling of relief and joy!

​Fertility is another area I am passionate about.  For many couples this can be a smooth and easy process, while others struggle for months or years to get pregnant.  Then there are others who experience the joy of finding out they are pregnant only to be followed by grief of a miscarriage.  I can relate to both the struggle and the grief.  Each of these scenarios are physically, mentally and emotionally draining for both parents.  This is also another reason I love the many modalities of Traditional Chinese medicine.  When I work with couples on balancing hormones and reducing stress their fertility improves as well as their chances for an easier conception.  An acupuncture treatment is only one part of this whole healing process.  Making sure the body is properly nourished with whole foods and that self-care routines are in place is just as important. 

I enjoy working as a team with my patients to help them find that balance!


Wouldn’t it be great to go through each day feeling refreshed, energized and happy? 

Just wonderful!  Along with your acupuncture treatments you will learn mindfulness exercises that calm the mind, relax the body and promote peaceful sleep.

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How great would it be to have a smooth and easy menses every month?

Amazing!  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal supplements support healthy hormone balance.  When the body is in alignment menstruation will follow

a consistent natural cycle.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a plan that allows you to get pregnant with ease and

carry a healthy baby?

Yes, definitely!  Preconception care is important for both mom and baby. Nourishing the body with healthy foods, using acupuncture to alleviate stress and/or anxiety and creating a wellness plan for pregnancy supports an easy transition from conception to birth.

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How amazing would it feel to go through menopause with joy and ease?

Absolutely amazing.  Using a combination of acupuncture, herbs, beneficial foods and natural therapies that support healthy estrogen production you will be able to transition into menopause with minimal to no symptoms.   

Acupuncture can support women in the following areas
Hormone imbalance
Regulate menstruation
Painful periods
Increase libido
Fibroids or cysts
Support through IVF
Headaches and migraines
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I completely trust Nicole and her expertise as an acupuncturist!  I have been seeing Nicole for acupuncture for years and I have referred many of my Yoga & Pilates Clients to Nicole for a number of reasons... but the BEST personal story I can honestly share with everyone is that Nicole's acupuncture treatment helped me go into labor 10 days early!!!  Nicole is SO knowledgeable and safe, I knew my baby and I were in the best hands... I had the BEST labor, and I recommend her to all pregnant women EVERYWHERE for so many reasons: better circulation through pregnancy, natural induction when the time is ready, positive energy/healing and detox post-baby... I am forever grateful to Nicole for all she has done for me!
~ Mariel F

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