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The Spaces In Between Massage Therapy

Dan Siddall is a licensed massage therapist who shares the clinic space with Nicole.

Dan has over 20 years of experience in the field of massage therapy. With a background in deep tissue, sports therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and cupping. He has also completed multiple courses on the use and benefits of CBD for alleviating chronic pain and inflammation.

With each session he takes time to listen to his client's needs, address their chief complaint and most importantly follow his intuition as he works with each individual to create a wellness plan that will help them more easily reach their health goals.

During his years of training he learned the profound benefits of incorporating the mental and emotional aspects of healing with the physical aspects of massage therapy. Each massage session is customized specifically for the individual based on the type of physical injury or other life stressors causing pain, tension and inflammation throughout the body.  Dan's goal is to alleviate the acute pain during your session, along with finding and addressing the root cause.  Once we know the root of the pain he is able to coach his clients on stretching, breathing and other stress relieving exercises to help them maintain their results longer.

Benefits of massage

  • Relaxes the body, reducing tension and promoting circulation

  • Relieves stress and anxiety​

  • Alleviates headaches, migraines, neck pain and back pain

  • Supports a healthy immune system 

  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure

  • Post surgery recovery

  • Reduces inflammation and pain in specific injuries such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, knee injuries, hip issues, sciatica and more


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Dan Siddall, LMT


The Spaces In Between

Massage Therapy

Dan's clinic hours
Monday & Friday
12 - 6pm
esday, Wednesday, Saturday
 10am - 4pm
1 - 7pm

     Call or Text 619.866.1614

license # CAMTC54757
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