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Making your health a priority can be easy when you have a good self-care routine with simple and fun steps to follow. 

This is why we have created our 30 day wellness challenges.  When you make the commitment to YOU the benefits and transformations are amazing!  Get signed up if you want to take your acupuncture treatments to the next level.

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Build a Killer Immune System with 5 Essentials 

Awesome Benefits!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could easily keep yourself and your family healthy?

You bet it would! We will debunk several common myths to good health.  Discover the 5 essentials for super immunity including Qi Gong breathing exercises to strengthen the lungs and detox the liver.

How awesome would it feel knowing you don’t have to worry about anything when being around sick people?

That would be awesome! You have a super ninja defense system inside and when the troops are maintained your immunity shield is activated. One of the biggest diminishers of this field is our emotions. We’ll teach you how to shift your emotions with Emotional Trigger Release so that your immunity shield can stay activated at all times.

Sign up for the challenge today if you want vibrant health & vitality through a unique and easy

way of learning and action over 30 days!

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Cleanse your body, mind and spirit for a vibrant and youthful appearance.


Awesome Benefits!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to easily lose weight, feel energized and see yourself as radiant and beautiful? 

Absolutely!  Learn about balancing hormones and boosting metabolism to give your body a jolt of new life and bring a glow and youthfulness to your skin.

Wouldn’t it be great to sleep well, have clarity & focus and enjoy life to the fullest?

I’d love it!  Nourishing your body & spirit with foods, herbs and techniques like the Habit Loop & Simple Surrender will allow your body to gently release toxins and promote vitality.

Sign up for the challenge today if you want radiance & vitality through a unique and easy way

of learning and action over 28 days!

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Get in-tune and grounded and manifest your big dreams with ease.


Awesome Benefits!

How amazing would it be to discover that meditation can be short, sweet and a lot simpler than you ever imagined?  

Yay, that would be awesome! Through easy mindfulness exercises, you’ll learn to become grounded and flow through the day with newfound calmness.

Wouldn’t it be great to have more clarity, energy and joy each day?       

Yes, I would love it! We’ll share with you a myriad of different styles of meditation ensuring you’ll walk away with at least a handful of practices that you really click with.  The Pink Bubble Visualization, Mandala Art and Drumming Mantras are just a few that will release tension and increase focus, love and peace.

This course will be available Fall 2022 - Stay tuned for more information

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This is all about you babe!

Self-care is your secret weapon to unleashing that dynamic beauty!​


Awesome Benefits!

How empowering would it be to know that everyone and everything else around you is thriving as a result of you making your well-being a priority?

That would be amazing!  You’ll discover the power of bringing together simple practices like the Love Bug exercise and the K.I.S.S. (not what you think) that create a Fabulous Formula for freedom and happiness.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the confidence to speak and stand up for yourself in a way that respects and honors you and others?

Absolutely! Processes like The Hand Over and Heart Speak help you be gracious and poised so that you easily get what you need.

This course will open again in Winter of 2023

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